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Welcome, I'm Marlena!

My art, illustrations and portraits

Many people for creative inspiration rely on the “art muse”¬† – an unseen being that guide their hand to paint. For me, the sheer chance to create something¬†unparalleled is motivation enough to begin a new piece. I strive to break away from what’s currently popular in favour of the subjects I love: fantasy, haute couture and mythology. Ranging from the serene, still atmosphere of “Polaris” to the warm aura of “Sunset,” I aspire to create paintings that draw emotion from the viewer and make their life a little bit more beautiful.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been inspired by Slavic myths, dark legends, and the fantastical creatures that lurk only in the depths of your dreams. When I’m painting, I adore whimsical, feminine personalities that allow my imagination to flow into my work. I’d like to invite you to this mystical world, filled with lush lands, amazing characters and fierce sorcery. Won’t you join me?

Private tutoring

I have studied art theory for more than 15 years now. It started as a passion, followed by art theory and painting lessons. I must say art is never ceased to amaze me. It’s an endless stream of inspirations and everyday beauty. Furthermore, it changed my perception of the world, and showed me how many unusual things can go unnoticed for the unheeding observer. If you wish, I’ll teach you its beautiful ways.

I also remember how difficult it was to learn drawing on a digital tablet all by myself. Online tutorials are a great start, but I was always missing personalized feedback about my illustrations. Private lessons are perfect for those looking for constructive critique and actual tips on how to improve digital painting. So if you dream about becoming an artist, I’ll be happy to guide you in your¬†career path.

My blog

I enjoy sharing my knowledge about art and my passions, that’s why I would love to start a blogging soon. You will quickly notice that most of all I admire art nouveau and surrealism, and that I love the fantasy genre and find a lot of inspiration in it.

I would like to show you which artists, both classical and modern, became my greatest motivation and impulse to draw and had the greatest impact on my professional career. On top of that, I like sharing insights about digital painting techniques, practical tips and my drawing process.

Sometimes, I write about my struggle to stay motivated and focused on work, because as a freelancer working from home I know it from the first hand. And believe me, it’s not easy, especially at the beginning.

Me after hours

I spend every evening with family – my alchemist husband and my 4-year-old ewok. We live with a pair of cute zebra finches and one fierce bearded dragon, who guards out home. In our free time we play boardgames and run around the house together, create labyrinths and make empires fall, build tiny farms and run futuristic corporations. We make a great team together!

When I have a little bit of time just for myself, I’m reading books and art albums. I adore elegant beauty of Victorian era, splendor of haute couture and complexity of Steampunk. I’m invariably obsessed how inspiring the fantasy genre is, so you can expect me to blab about it on my blog from time to time.

Marlena Mozgawa


Born in 1986 in Poland.

Graduated as a landscape architect, decided to start a digital artist career.

After spending 6 years in north Norway, she came back to Poland to create illustrations, portraits and designs for publishers, writers and art enthusiasts from all over the world.

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See personal artworks portfolio of Marlena Mozgawa, Lenamo Art, Eos, The dawn star portrait
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