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Digital painting

What graphic tablet do you recommend?

I’ve started my digital painting adventure with Wacom Bamboo S. Shortly after, my husband gifted me Wacom Intuos 4 M and I had been working on it for over 4 years. Recently I’ve upgraded to Wacom Cintiq Pro 16.

If your budget is small, you can easily get used to drawing on S size Wacom tablet, or simply buy one of the Huion tablets – they work really good, but don’t last long years as Wacom’s. I’ll not point out any models, because there is a new one every few months.

What program do you recommend for digital art beginners?

I always paint with Adobe Photoshop CC. I had been using other programs like Clip Studio Paint EX, PaintTool SAI and Corel Painter, but I like the flexibility Photoshop is offering. If you’re looking for free painting program I recommend Krita.

On what canvas size do you usually work?

I usually use standard poster print size (8x11in, 300ppi, so 2400x3300px) for all of my projects, unless some specific dimensions were requested. If I’m about to draw many details, I’m making the canvas twice as big (4800x6600px). Increasing canvas size allows you to paint even very tiny details more easily without worrying about those annoying pixels. At the end I’m always scaling down my pictures to the requested size.

How long does it take to completely finish a painting?

Everything depends on the complexity of the requested image and how fast our communication is.

If you consider a time spend on painting, I create a speed painting in less than one day; detailed portraits in 2-3 days; full illustrations can take up to a week of everyday painting. But working on a painting is always a process of communication, looking for right references, exchanging ideas, making revisions and so on.


How to make a commission inquiry?

If you’re interested in ordering an image from me, please fill my commission form. It will help you set your idea in order and provide all the information I need to discuss the commission details. If you have any problems with filling the form, please check out my commission form guide, where I briefly explain all the points.

How long do I have to wait for finished image?

I’m always prioritizing commercial commissions with the shortest deadline. Later, private commissions as they are listed in my schedule, so in order of completed payments.

Commercial commissions will be always finished before the given deadline.

Private commissions will be finished in the shortest possible time – usually in about 2 weeks from the moment I start painting, up to 2 months for complex illustrations with many characters. Please keep in mind that usually I have my schedule filled for a month ahead, which means you will need to wait about a month before I start painting your commission. I will always tell you what is the waiting time BEFORE you make a payment.

How do you set the price for a commission?

All prices are approximate and depends on the resolution and a level of complexity. You can consider a price to be a measure of my time spent painting – the more you pay, the more polished and detailed portrait is. You can follow the logic (from cheaper to more expensive)
Shot: Bust < Waist up < Fullbody
Pose: Static < Dynamic
Background: Misty shapes < Detailed < Illustration
Outfit: Potato bag < Casual outfit < Steampunk outfit
Resolution examples: Desktop wallpaper < Book cover < Poster print size

What is a difference between commercial and private commission?

Commercial commission: I prioritize commercial commissions over private commissions to guarantee that they will be finished before the deadline. The Client gain exclusive rights to reproduce or use the artwork for all commercial purposes. Please note, that any activity that generates a revenue or is meant to promote your product or brand is considered a commercial activity. I still hold the right to display commissioned artwork in my portfolio and websites, including social media on the conditions we agreed in Contract.


Private commission: I retain ownership of the artwork to be used for commercial, educational, and promotional purposes. Finishing private commission may take longer, because if unexpected delay occurs (like illness mine or my son’s) I need to make changes to my schedule to ensure that commercial commissions will be finished within given time frame. Because of that private commissions are much cheaper than commercial ones.