Private tutoring

Where to begin your artist journey?

So you love drawing and want to be an artist?

That’s great! Let me guide you.

Becoming an artist

I had been studying art theory for more than 15 years now. When I was a teenager I’ve decided to take the drawing lessons and tame the discouraging art fundamentals. The guidance I’ve received during private tutoring sessions helped me to get a firm grasp of perspective, composition, colour theory and more. It was a priceless experience, and I’m certain it was a first step in my way of becoming a full time digital artist.

I believe that being an artist is 50% of talent and 50% of hard work. Some of you might disagree. But I had seen incredibly talented people who neglected art fundamentals and burned out few years after, couldn’t figure out what their art is missing. And from the other side I had seen successful artists who earned everything only thanks to endless hours of work and exercises.

I think happiness is somewhere in the middle. It may seem like a long way, but you’ll get there, I’m sure.


Art fundamentals

Today, with modern technologies and online tutorials exploring art laws is easier and faster than 15 years ago. But I still believe that having the right grasp of art fundamentals is the best way to create interesting, reliable projects. Even a few weeks of training can help you understand how professional artists build their compelling concepts. And once you comprehend art principles you will be able to apply that knowledge into your projects and create more advanced concepts, characters and designs.

Private tutoring

Private tutoring is an unique opportunity to see how professional artist’s workflow looks like and to understand how modern art industry really works. It’s a great help in channelling student’s effort, develop advanced skills and unlock your hidden potential.

Online tutoring

In a positive learning environment I’ll guide you through art fundamentals, anatomy basics, and rules of perspective and colour selection. I’ll cover both technical and aesthetic aspects of art to help you see the big picture and focus on your advantages. Moreover, I’ll help you find your own painting style, inspired by artists you love and supported by your newfound skills.

Personalized experience

I’ll offer you set of the exercises adjusted to your goals and ambitions, and designed to help you thrive as an artist. On top of that, during my tutoring you will have an access to questions and answers sessions and personalised feedback about your artworks and progress.


The rest is your hard work and dedication.

For me, the biggest reward comes when I’m reading a message saying that my art is stirring and inspiring. Or that my lessons helped someone to develop the skill and confidence not only in art, but in life in general.


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