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art fundamentals under control BOOTCAMP

2nd edition of Art Fundamentals UNDER CONTROL Bootcamp is starting 1st of March 2020!

Join the 14 week long bootcamp now or make a deposit to secure your spot
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How will this course help you?

7 Learning Modules

During this 14-weeks long training I’ll guide you through 7 art fundamentals and teach you how take your art to the next level.

Bonus Lessons

Additional mini-lessons will give you some background about art history, culture and physics (no rockets, though)! Something fun and useful at the same time!

Printable Worksheets

Complete exercises and put the newfound knowledge into action!

Flexible Schedule

Carefully prepared course schedule will help you get organised and finally learn these fundamentals! And if you get behind, don’t worry. You can always continue in your own pace.

Easy access

You will get all the lessons and exercises right into your mailbox. Print them or take them out with you on your phone or tablet.

Group of friends

Sharing your art and experience is really important for developing your self-confidence and growing as an artist. So let’s make friends and meet through Discord and Facebook.

My name is Marlena Mozgawa.
I’m a professional artist and art tutor.

Many people dream about getting better at drawing
or becoming a professional artist...
...but only a handful of them
actually take the necessary steps to achieve it.

During my studies, I’ve obtained the fundamental knowledge necessary for comfortable sketching and painting. Now, during my professional career, things like composition, shading and value control are ingrained in every piece I paint. I may create illustrations, characters and portraits, but I assure you, that at the beginning of the creative process there is always a sketch. It doesn’t matter if at the end you want to create visual novels, game arts or work as a character designer. Every idea, design or concept art starts with a simple line.

I have prepared this course as a guide for those who want to create better, more engaging artwork, but don’t know where to start. From my experience, going back to the basics and reviewing this essential knowledge can make a huge difference. It help you create more reliable concepts and avoid frustration during more advanced phases of your creative process.

So let’s start learning from the beginning!

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Marlena Mozgawa Lenamo art profile picture

Lenamo Marlena Mozgawa.
Professional artist and art tutor.

Learn how to:

Art Fundamentals UNDER CONTROL Bootcamp is a 14 weeks long online course that will guide you from basics of the line drawing to the full composition training! It’s an in-depth study of art fundamentals and methods I use in my creative processes. I want this course to be an exciting exploration of visual art elements through both theoretical and practical painting approach. I will teach you the principles of critical art thinking to help you create outstanding artworks in a comfortable and confident way.

draw with confidence

draw light and shadow

imitate various textures

take your art to next level

control values

construct a perspective grid

simplify complicated objects

spot and fix composition issues

build appealing colour pallettes

create thumbnails

Many students struggle with self motivation
and have a problem finding reliable resources to master art fundamentals.
I know how laborious these exercises may seem, but with time and practice they get easier and faster.

Believe me. I've been there.


Have you ever felt discouraged or didn't know how to "fix" your drawing?

Don't worry. I will show you how to:
get the PERSPECTIVE right,
get the SHADOWS right,
get the COMPOSITION right,
get the COLOURS right,
get IT ALL right.
Get art fundamentals UNDER YOUR CONTROL.

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Art fundamentals are all about construction and control. Mastering the basics will not only teach you how to create appealing illustrations but, more importantly, they will help you avoid frustrations in the future. After some practice in chiaroscuro and composition, they will become more intuitive and natural.



Many beginner artists neglect art fundamentals, because mastering them seems daunting. From my experience, rushing into more complicated tasks without learning basic artistic concepts, can bring a lot of frustration later on. Too many artists are dragged into stagnation and boredom, or struggle “fixing” difficult pieces. This puts them at a greater risk of getting “art block” and can really slow down their artistic career.


Great things do not come easy, they require patience, but they are worth the effort.

What are the lessons about?

This is not a course that will sell you tricks or shortcuts on how to draw a tree or a human face (but we will draw both, for sure). We’re going to UNDERSTAND every method used. I want to guide you through how all these fundamentals work together, so that you can use this knowledge to draw all the wild ideas you have stored in your imagination.



During the introduction, we will examine how art is defined. I’ll explain how exercises introduced across this course will solidify your skills and help develop work habits that will make your drawing more accurate and efficient. We will also discuss why is it so important to get a firm grip of art fundamentals.

Lesson 1: Contour

During this lesson, we will take a closer look at the properties of the most basic artistic technique, the contour, and learn the importance of confident line drawing.

Lesson 2: Proportions

During this lesson, we will explore the properties of real-life objects. You will learn how to measure proportions based on human body. We will also begin to learn the methods of setting elements in order to create balanced compositions.

Lesson 3: Perspective

During this lesson, you will learn about various perspective types and their use. We will also build a “perspective grid”, and learn how to place basic objects in the 3D space created this way.

Lesson 4: Form

During this lesson, we will examine the properties of more complicated objects and learn how to use the contour to recreate them in a 2D space.

Lesson 5: Value

During this lesson, you will learn about the properties of light and shadow, and explore how does light behaves when it hits various forms. We will also examine the importance of value levels and their use in creating well-mapped textures.

Lesson 6: Colour

During this lesson, you will learn to understand colour theory. We will explore colour properties, as well as correlation between value and colour tone. We will also examine how colours work when used together to create contrasts and harmonies. Finally, we will find efficient ways to to build interesting colour palettes that communicate specific ideas and meaning to the viewer.

Lesson 7: Composition

During this lesson, we will analyse how the elements in artwork are arranged and orchestrated in various composition types. We will also learn how to lay down a solid foundation for your drawing with thumbnails.


During this lesson, we will summarize the knowledge to help you practise the drawing and turn the exercises into your daily routine. After completing the “Under Control” course, you will be able to analyze works of art and identify the most common aesthetic issues. Thanks to the knowledge you have gained, you will be able to evaluate your work in progress and discover your own ways of self-expression.

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

When does the course start?

The “Under Control” course starts 1st March 2020 and will take 14 weeks to finish.

How much time do I need to finish one lesson?

Lessons are meant to be finished in about two weeks each. Studying materials and completing assignments shouldn’t take more than 8 hours per week.

Will I have access to all lessons at once?

No. From my experience many artists unintentionally rush through art fundamentals. While the fundamentals may seems obvious, the majority of frustration and art mistakes comes from neglecting the importance of such things like perspective, proportions or composition. To avoid this situation I will make the lessons available in short intervals.

Is this course for traditional or digital artists?

While traditional artists are welcome, and they will benefit from the lessons for sure, the 2nd edition of this course is addressed to digital artists mostly.

There are other free lessons on the Internet. Why should I buy yours?

The “Under Control” course DOES NOT contain any mysterious knowledge. Many of the information included within this course can be found in books or videos. However, tutorials available for free are rarely a complete guide. Moreover, they offer neither a feedback nor a guidance from an experienced professional artist.

When I was creating this course, I wanted to help not only artists who wish to upgrade their art skills, but also for those who struggle with a lack of motivation. I’ll be available for you regularly, helping you with exercises and offering a constructive feedback on your progress.

Will this course teach me theory only, or will it contain some practical exercises?

The course has been designed to give you the theoretical knowledge necessary to quickly apply it in practice. There will be both lessons to read and watch, as well as various drawing exercises and worksheets. So, both theory and exercises are included.

How is 2nd edition of this course different than a 1st one?

The feedback I had received during the first edition of this course was extremely helpful! I had:

  • rewrote some lessons to make them more approachable and clear,
  • recorded videos that allows you to observe the working process of professional artist,
  • created printable worksheets,
  • created iconographics to help you memorize the most important parts of each lesson.

I'm quite an experienced artist. Should I buy this course or is it meant for beginners?

If you struggle with perspective, composition or lighting and colours, then yes! Reviewing information about art fundamentals is always good and the “Under Control” Bootcamp will systematize your knowledge, making it easier to spot and fix mistakes.

However, if you have serious doubts, very little time to learn, or feel like this course is way too expensive for you, then maybe you should skip it. There is no point in forcing yourself into it. At the end it is you who will need do the exercises 😉

Will you personally check the exercises?

Yes. I’ll check submitted exercises myself. I’ll also write a short feedback upon completing each lesson, summarizing problems I’ve spotted.

I'm not sure if I can afford this course...

I understand that. Many information included within this course can be found within free resources, and that’s may be enough for a hobbyist artist. The fundamentals of art are not, by any means, a “secret” knowledge. This bootcamp, however, is meant for artists who want to progress in their art and are serious about it. Professional artists simply cannot make basic mistakes. What you’re paying for is a chance of learning these fundamentals from an industry professional who will provide you a personalized feedback and guidance. Comparing to stationary courses, this is a highly discounted opportunity to learn art fundamentals and receive tips on how to improve your artistic skills.

How much time do I have to spend on learning?

You probably won’t need more than 8 hours per week to read materials and finish exercises.

Keep in mind, however, that mastering the art fundamentals will take some time and you may need to practice them more than doing only what’s on the worksheet. You’re welcome to repeat the exercises as many times as you need.

Will I be able to take a break for a few days during the course?

Of course! Subsequent lessons will become available for you in short intervals, however, this does not mean you will lose access to the previously unlocked lessons! You’re free to learn at your own pace, so taking a break is not a problem! Just try not to postpone too much 😉

How is this edition diffrent from "Under Control" course available to buy in your shop on regular basis?

Unlike the offer from my shop, this course offer not only lessons and worksheets, but also my guidance. It’s more similar to traditional stationary courses, where student and teacher have a contact on regular basis.


Thank you!