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Welcome to the World of Lenamo: The Daring Witch

Meet Marlena Lenamo

Your Versatile Digital Artist and Graphic Designer

From a teenage passion to a full-fledged career, my artistic journey has spanned over half of my life, exploring the realms of art and graphic design through both hands-on practice and in-depth theory. It all began as a simple love for creativity, followed by art lessons in high school and university, and later refined through dedicated painting courses and my freelance artist career.

Art, in all its forms, never ceases to amaze me. It’s a boundless wellspring of inspiration and beauty that has profoundly shaped my perception of the world. From tranquil and mysterious to warm and serene, I aspire to create paintings and portraits that that bring joy to the viewer.

I invite you to explore my portfolio, a sanctuary of original characters and enchanting sorcery. Won’t you join me on this artistic journey?

versatile digital graphic designer

Freelance Artist Inspired by Myths and Legends

For as long as I can remember, the myths and legends of Slavic folklore, dark tales, and fantastical creatures hidden within the depths of our minds have been my muses. I’ve chosen to break away from mainstream trends to dive deep into subjects I’m truly passionate about: fantasy, nature, and mythology.

While many digital artists rely on the elusive “art muse” to steer their creative process, I draw inspiration from the world that surrounds me. This inner drive propels me to embark on new artistic endeavors, capturing moments and characters that take you to otherworldly realms.

Digital Painting Tutor – Your Personalized Digital Artist Guide

Art and drawings have been an integral part of my life. Even now, as I live my dream as a freelance digital artist, I remember how challenging it was at the beginning. Mastering the fundamentals of art, perfecting the art of creating captivating portraits, and confidently using a digital tablet all seemed like daunting tasks. While online tutorials are a great starting point, I always felt the need for personalized feedback on my work and progress.

Private lessons with my guidance, are the perfect solution, especially for those seeking constructive critiques and practical tips to elevate their skills as a digital artist. If your dream is to become a digital artist, I’d be thrilled to guide you on your creative journey and help you flourish in your career.

Contact me.

Digital Artist Worth Following – Discover Your Graphic Design and Art Inspiration

Sharing my passion and knowledge with others brings me immense joy. When you connect with me on social media, you’ll quickly discover my deep appreciation for fantasy, natural beauty and darker themes. I find endless inspiration in their unique forms and aesthetics. I’m also dedicated to sharing insights about the freelance artist’s career, digital painting techniques, and practical tips for aspiring digital artists.

Furthermore, I’d love to introduce you to the portrait artists, both classical and modern, who have greatly influenced my work and could potentially impact your professional journey as a digital artist as well. From time to time, I also reflect on the challenges of staying motivated and focused while working from home as a freelance digital artist.

Geek, RPG Enthusiast, and Gamer – Exploring the Multifaceted World of a Freelance Artist Lenamo

In those precious moments of relaxation, I wholeheartedly embrace my inner geek, immersing myself in the realms of gaming, the enchanting narratives of fantasy books and comics, and, of course, the ever-evolving world of art. As a digital artist, I’m captivated by the grace of the Victorian era, the splendor of haute couture, and the intricacies woven into Steampunk aesthetics.

The entire realm of fantasy serves as an unceasing wellspring of inspiration. Whether through books, pen-and-paper RPGs, video games, or board games, they all offer an abundance of themes that beg to be painted by a digital artist! You can expect to hear me chatter from time to time about all things geeky on my Twitter and Facebook pages. After all, it’s a world where imagination knows no bounds, and I’m here to celebrate it as a digital artist!