Portrait from a photo – commissioning made easy

A beautiful hand-painted portrait from a photo is a unique gift that won’t be forgotten! That’s why when you want to show that you have put time and effort into choosing the right gift, a hand-painted digital portrait is just perfect!

If you think that traditional paintings are way too expensive, a digital painting is an answer!

I specialize in digital painting portraiture.

I specialize in digital art and portraiture. I’ve spend countless hours to make my style resemble traditional techniques, with visible brush strokes and paint-like texture. I’m also really flexible as an artist. I can paint real people as seen on the photography, as well as create a one of a kind portrait with fantasy features (like long elven ears, or wearing an amazing, baroque outfit).

Commissioning a portrait from a photo is easier than you think!

I’ll assist you in the whole process: starting from selecting the right photo, ending with choosing the frame for the print (which I’ll arrange for you and send to your home safely!). Portrait from a photo is a really special and highly personalised gift. That’s why, instead of getting something ready-made from a store, I recommend getting a hand-painted portrait of you and your beloved ones.

A gift like that will bring back good memories even years later!

You can easily commission portrait from a photo just by sending me an email Lenamo.art@gmail.com or filling out my commission inquiry form.