Stages of illustration commissioning made easy

Stages of illustration commissioning made easy

5 Stages of illustration commissioning

I’m frequently asked about my commission process. That’s why, I decided to explain how I handle the illustration commissioning from the moment of an inquiry to the final illustration.

1. Commission inquiry

Sending the illustration inquiry

Many of my clients decide to use the commission form I’ve created. It helps them describe their idea, as well as provide technical information about the image they need (e.g. resolution). Thanks to the form the illustration commissioning became easy! Moreover, I have all the information I need from the moment I receive the notification about the new commission inquiry.

I usually reply within 24 hours. However bugs in the system happen from time to time, so don’t hesitate to send me an email if you won’t receive my reply within a few days.

Filling the commission form is an easy way to order an illustration.
Commission pricing

After analysing your inquiry I will contact you with the estimated price of the image. The given price always includes the PayPal fee. From my experience, clients who used the form for illustration commissioning end up spending less time discussing the details of the order, than clients who simply e-mail me.

2. Payment

To make the payment you can use PayPal (a link or my email address or bank transfer.

The payments for orders over 100 EUR can be split into two instalments, where 50% is paid right away to secure your spot in my schedule and the remaining balance must be paid once I start painting. For the orders below 100 EUR, I require 100% of the commission price to be be paid up front.

Waiting time

I ALWAYS inform my clients how long they will need to wait BEFORE the payment is made. However it’s safe to assume that my schedule is filled for a month ahead. Once we agree on the deadline and the payment is processed I’ll add you to my schedule. For regular orders it usually takes about 2-3 weeks before I’ll be ready to start drawing for you. However, orders with a very short deadline (I like to call them “emergency commissions”) are put on the top of my schedule and I spun into painting right away.

3. Painting process

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Painting process updates, from a sketch, through rough painting to finished the illustration.
Sketching Stage

Once the waiting is over, I will send you a rough sketch for approval. All major changes and revisions of the image’s general idea and must be made during this stage of the painting process. I cannot stress this enough how important it is to make major corrections as early as possible. Once agreed upon, I will move on to proper painting.

Painting Stage

During the painting stage, I will send you e-mail updates for your approval. Usually there are two updates of noteworthy progress for simple portraits and four for illustrations. The more advanced the painting stage is, the smaller changes may be requested. I can easily make colour changes or add small points of interest like jewellery.

Once agreed upon, I will move on to polishing the image. Please keep in mind, that if you decide that at this point you want me to substantially remade a section of the illustration, I’ll need to charge you extra for the additional job.

Polishing Stage

At this point the commission is mostly completed. However, as an artist, I always make some polishing and add some special visual effects such as air particles, noise or additional light glow.

4. Revisions

The commission price quoted does NOT include an unlimited number of revisions. Only two rounds of adjustments are included in the price:

• sketch stage – I accept even major changes

• painting stage – I accept only small changes after the first update of progress

When the illustration is complex, I accept small adjustments once after the painting stage is over. This way I’m able to provide the best pricing possible and ensure that commissioned illustrations are delivered within a timely manner.

5. Delivery

The final illustration is a digital file with the properties specified in the commission form or e-mail. I’ll deliver it to your e-mail as an attachment to a direct download or as a link to access a file on the server.

Total time frame


I always keep my Clients updated not only on the painting progress, but also on any circumstances that may cause delays.

The commercial commissions with the shortest deadline have the top priority in my schedule. I understand that you may have other obligations to the publishers and print shops. This way I can ensure that commercial commissions, which are paid extra, will always be finished before the given deadline.


Later, I’m completing private commissions as they are listed in my schedule, so in order of completed payments. From my experience, since the moment I start painting, it usually takes about 1-2 weeks to finish a simple portrait to up to 2 months for complex illustrations with many characters. Please keep in mind that the completion time depends primarily on the speed of our communication and the changes you want to make to the illustration.

To summarize, the total time frame can be calculated by adding my waiting time (the time it takes for my schedule to reach you) and the estimated time needed to finish the artwork.

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