Queen Varya and really powerful book cover design

Queen Varya and really powerful book cover design

Creating this illustration of a powerful female character called Varya was an amazing experience! Starting from a rough idea described by Blanca: a queen in a red dress sitting on a throne and holding a magical lute. I sprang into work!

Three painting process updates: sketch, rough painting, finished illustration.
female portrait, queen, book cover design - Perdonad a la Reina, commerical commission for writers, red dress, magic, queen varya
Queen Varya, book cover illustration for “Perdonad a la Reina” by Blanca Mármol
hard cover book design lenamo graphic designer, illustrator, artist,
Final book cover design.

If you know Spanish, you should totally get the “Perdonad a la Reina” on Amazon!

hard cover book mockup lenamo marlena mozgawa

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