Commission Information and Pricing

Digital Portrait Commission Information and Pricing

Are you in search of a skilled artist to craft a digital portrait or illustration, be it for yourself, your book, or your teammates? Well, look no further! I specialize in the art of bringing both real people and fantasy characters to life through my unique digital paintings. This page serves as your gateway to comprehensive details regarding private and commercial art commissions, including illustrations commission pricing.

To get started, please review the information below and complete the commission inquiry form if you already have an idea in mind and are eager to commission a portrait or illustration. I’m committed to responding promptly, typically within 24 hours, to discuss your vision further. Additionally, you can use the contact form to inquire about graphic design service or commissions other than portraitss. Should any questions arise, kindly peruse my FAQ section for quick answers. Your journey to captivating, personalized artwork begins here!

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Digital Portrait and Illustration Commission Pricing

When you commission portraits and illustrations, rest assured that consultations are an integral part of the process. This means you have the creative freedom to provide input and suggest changes as your unique piece takes shape. I am committed to ensuring the end result is a digital painting that both you and I are delighted with.

Monochromatic Portraits

Delve into the world of digitally painted greyscale portraits, capturing the essence of real individuals or your beloved RPG characters. Choose from the following options:

Portrait typePrice in EURPrice in USD
Full body€95$110
Estimated commission price list for monochrome digital portraits

Vibrant Color Portraits and Illustrations

Experience the world of digitally crafted, colorful portraits that beautifully capture the essence of real individuals or your cherished RPG characters. Choose from a wide range of options, whether you prefer a portrait with a vividly illustrated background or without. Your vision, your choice.

Type of illustrationPrice in EURPrice in USD
• Bust€75$90
• Waist-up€105$120
• Full body€140$165
Full digital painting with background€180-300$210-350
Estimated commission price list for digital colour portrait and illustrations

Couples and Group Portraits

Delight in digitally crafted portraits of real-life individuals or in-game characters, skillfully brought to life. Whether you desire a portrait with an illustrated background or without, I’m here to transform your vision into captivating illustration. Your group or couple, your story – artfully rendered.

Group portraitsPrice in EURPrice in USD
Portrait of a couple (two characters)€150$175
Additional character+€55$65
Estimated commission price list for group portraits

Character Reference Sheets for Your Book or Role-Playing Creations

Elevate your role-playing character presentation with our meticulously crafted character reference sheets. These comprehensive sheets offer a holistic view of your character, including a full-body portrait, detailed outfit design, close-up of their face, vital statistics, and intriguing fun facts. Your character comes to life through this expertly designed reference sheet.

Character reference sheetPrice in EURPrice in USD
Basic character sheet€150$175
Additional picture/gadget/graph+€10+$12
Estimated commission price list for character reference sheet

Pricing Structure for Unique and Complex Artwork

Creating art that involves intricate poses, challenging elements, additional characters, pets, or highly detailed backgrounds requires extra time and effort, which can affect the pricing. The prices listed in the tables on this page serve as estimates and are subject to adjustment based on the level of complexity.

For portraits and illustrations, you can follow the pricing logic outlined below, ranging from lower to higher:

  • Number of characters: Only one < Couple < Group
  • Shot: Bust < Waist up < Full body
  • Pose: Standing relaxed < Elegant gestures < Captured in the heat of the battle
  • Background: Misty shapes < Detailed < Illustrated with many details
  • Outfit: Potato bag < Casual outfit < Complicated armour with many elements
  • Resolution: Desktop wallpaper < Book cover < Poster print size

Please note that the information and pricing provided on this page pertains exclusively to private commissions. If you are interested in commissions with a commercial license, please be aware that the pricing will be approximately 30% higher. For writers and publishers seeking commercial commissions, please follow the link to the dedicated page for writers.

Printing and Shipping

Europe €10, USA and Canada €20. I don’t ship to other destinations.

The shipping cost includes safe packing (usually a tube) and tracking info.


Marlena is an absolute joy to work with. Her art is simply beautiful. Combine this with her professional attitude, and she’d be an asset to any project!

– Dr. Julian Darius, Sequart Organization and Martian Lit

It was my absolute pleasure to work with Marlena. (…) She captured the essence of my character better than I could have described.  It was a wonderful experience to have her take something I only saw in my mind’s eye and make it into something I could show to others.  Would commission her again in a heartbeat.

-Timothy S. Brannan, The Other Side

I commissioned to do the cover art for my upcoming book. (…) I was nervous because I was being pretty specific. What I got back from Marlena, BLEW ME AWAY! She crafts something out of your thoughts, and guides you through a collaboration process of art and feedback till you hit just the right note.

Jon Ford, Tepris Press

License Options

These distinct licenses offer flexibility, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your unique needs and preferences.

Private license

My private license is designed for personal use only, allowing you to enjoy your commissioned artwork for individual purposes. This includes creating a single print, sharing it with friends online, or using it as an avatar in your favorite game. It’s important to note that with a private license, you do not have the right to repeatedly reproduce, edit, or use the artwork for any commercial purposes, such as advertising or sales. As the original author, I retain full rights to the commissioned artwork.

Commercial license

For all commissions related to book covers, a commercial license is a requirement. With a commercial license, you gain ownership of the designs, providing you with exclusive rights to reproduce, edit, and use the artwork for any commercial activities. This includes any activities aimed at generating revenue or promoting your product or brand, as they fall under the category of commercial activities.

It’s important to understand that, as the creator, I retain the right to display lower-resolution versions of commissioned book covers, map designs, and other illustrations in my portfolio, websites, and social media channels.