Portfolio of Marlena Mozgawa, Lenamo Art

Welcome to my portfolio!

Every artist dream to create a portfolio that would really show not only a skill but also a part of our lives. I truly hope that you will enjoy the choice of my illustrations, designs and portraits I’ve painted over the years. I’ve gathered these artworks for you in the gallery below. In order stay updated with my works you can visit my Facebook fan page or profile on the Instagram.


For more information on how to commission me, please visit my commission page. There you will be able to check my price list as well as therms and conditions. Or, if you’re ready to order an illustration or a portrait, feel free to use my commission form.

Portfolio gallery

Portfolio was updated in March 2021.

Moreover, for your convenience, I’ve divided my drawings and paintings into themed sub-galleries. In other words, these are mini portfolio related to a specific category. For instance, in the comic and book covers portfolio you will find commercial illustrations created for writers and publishers from all over the world. These illustrations brought to life a variety of characters and scenes from books, comics and visual novels.

Further, within personal artworks portfolio, you will find my paintings inspired by things I adore, like mythical, eccentric characters and strange, romantic nature.  On top of that, you may also want to take a look inside fan arts as well as character designs portfolio. There, you will find unique characters from games like the World of Warcraft, the Elder Scrolls Online and many others.