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Book cover designs and illustrations for your book

Every book needs a cover and yours must be UNIQUE! I understand that! That’s why I have developed my own art style that will make your book cover design really stand out. Moreover, all my book covers are hand-painted, not made from stock photos.

If you are planning to publish your book, whether as an e-book or in print, you want to make sure that your readers REALLY dive into the world you have created. With an eye-catching book cover design I’ll make it easy!


On this page you can find information about hand-painted book cover commissions, map designs, character portraits, and anything you may need for your book, as well as estimated price lists.

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Please read through the information below and fill the commission form if you’re interested in ordering an illustration or a complete book cover design. You can also read how the illustration commissioning process works and if you have any questions please read my FAQ section or contact me via contact form.

E-book cover designs price list

E-book cover design is a front cover design only. Design include a digitally painted illustration, usually featuring one of the characters from your book, typography and possible sketch and painting revisions (usually 3-4 updates).

E-book cover designPrice in EURPrice in USD
Monochrome book cover€95-140$110-160
Full colour book cover€140-220$160-250
digital book cover amazon ebook lenamo marlena mozgawa

Full book cover designs (front, back, spine) price list

Full cover design
Monochrome book cover€130-170$150-195
Full colour book cover€170-320$195-360

Full book cover design is a front, back, spine cover design. Design include a digitally painted illustration, usually featuring one of the characters from your book, typography and possible sketch and painting revisions (usually 4-5 updates).

hard cover book mockup lenamo marlena mozgawa

Graphic services for writers

Map €95 ($110)

A digitally painted map in the style that match your universe is a perfect way to help your readers understand the world you have created!
High resolution, print-ready quality.
Possible revisions (usually 2 updates).

Hard cover book mock up €25 ($30)

A visualization of how your book would look.
Include front, spine and back cover visualization.

Character card €85 ($95)

A collectible card style representation of the character from your book is a great way to engage your readers in the discussion!
Include full body character picture and the text of your choice (usually a name, statistics, favourite quote).
Digital display resolution.

Marketing pack for writers (price set individually)

Various banners, headers and promo pictures you can use on your website or social media profiles to promote your book!

Contact me and we will discuss the details.

Illustrations are a great way to build up readers’ engagement
before the book is released!

A successful book cover doesn’t simply look great on the book store shelve or as a thumbnail on the Amazon. Sharing a book cover preview, maps and character portraits with your readers will truly engage your community in the discussion about the story you are creating. It’s also an easy way to let people know that you’re planning to publish a book and help them visualize the scenes and characters. That’s why commissioning illustrations for your book can have a huge impact on your sales!

For this reason every writer should order a book cover from a professional book cover designer. As an expert, I know what works on the market and what will capture the right audience for your book. I’ll help you go through the whole process of creating a cover for your project seamlessly! Starting from your brief and the illustration idea, I’ll guide you though font selection to the final design.

Writers are really satisfied!

I have received average of 5 stars in meeting expectations, 5 stars in communication, and 4,5 stars in speed of work.


Marlena is an absolute joy to work with. Her art is simply beautiful. Combine this with her professional attitude, and she’d be an asset to any project!

– Dr. Julian Darius, Sequart Organization and Martian Lit

It was my absolute pleasure to work with Marlena. (…) She captured the essence of my character better than I could have described.  It was a wonderful experience to have her take something I only saw in my mind’s eye and make it into something I could show to others.  Would commission her again in a heartbeat.

-Timothy S. Brannan, The Other Side

I commissioned to do the cover art for my upcoming book. (…) I was nervous because I was being pretty specific. What I got back from Marlena, BLEW ME AWAY! She crafts something out of your thoughts, and guides you through a collaboration process of art and feedback till you hit just the right note.

Jon Ford, Tepris Press

Getting a perfect book cover design is really easy with the professional artist!

I’m Marlena and I’ll design the cover that will engage your community and sell your book! I’ve started creating book covers in 2017 and since that time I’ve worked with writers and publishers from all over the world. I have developed my own art style to make your book cover stand out.

I believe that a great book cover is a result of a close cooperation between the writer and the artist. I’ll work with you to create a book cover design that express not only the title or the genre, but also capture your vision. For that reason, while designing a book cover, I’m always open for suggestions and provide several process updates while painting. The eye-catching book cover design can make the difference between a book that sell itself and one that drown between other books.

I will assist you with the proper book cover configuration, converting an e-book cover into a print-ready version. Whether you’re going to self-publish your book via Amazon or take it to a printing company, I’ll make sure that your book cover is up to the highest standards.

Commercial License

All book cover related commissions require a commercial license. This means that you will gain the ownership of all the designs, which gives you the exclusive right to reproduce, edit and use for any commercial purposes, including advertising and sales. Keep in mind that any activity that generates a revenue or is meant to promote your product or brand is considered a commercial activity.

Please note, that as a creator, I still hold the right to display low resolution versions of commissioned book covers, map designs and other illustrations in my portfolio and websites, including social media.

Commission inquiry and painting process


First you need to contact me and describe your general idea. Please include photo references and important descriptions. You can send me an e-mail ( or fill the commission form. After analyzing your inquiry I will contact you with the estimated price of the image.

For the orders below 100 EUR, I require 100% of the commission price to be be paid up front. To make the payment you can use PayPal (a link or my email address or bank transfer. The payments for orders over 100 EUR can be split into two instalments, where 50% is paid right away to secure your spot in my schedule and the remaining balance must be paid once I start painting.


I will send a rough sketch to you for approval. Next, I will provide you at least three e-mail updates of noteworthy progress for your approval. Please note that during this stage any major changes regarding general idea of the image will result in additional charges that must be paid upfront. At the end I’ll add some special visual effects such as air particles, noise or light glow.  

I always keep my Clients updated on progress and on any circumstances that may cause delays. Commercial commissions have top priority in my schedule.

The final artwork will be a high quality file with the properties specified in the contract or e-mails, and it will be delivered via the Client’s e-mail to direct download or as a link to access a file on the server.