Acts Of Closure, Creative Process Of The Book Cover

Acts Of Closure, Creative Process Of The Book Cover

When NT Anderson contacted me to commission a series of monochrome illustrations for her books l couldn’t wait to start painting! The cover illustration for the first book is called “Acts of Closure”.

The concept for this cover changed quite dramatically several times during the process. I believe it must be hard for a writer to decide what the cover should be picturing. That’s why, apart of creating a cover illustration for a book, I’m ready to offer suggestions and ideas on how to transfer loose ideas to the specific features of a book cover or how to improve the impact of the cover image.

book cover illustration ideas for acts of closure
The book cover illustration idea evolution.

Finally we settled for the illustration below: an ajar red door, which leaves a lot of questions unanswered. In my opinion it’s a perfect teaser for a book about romance!

acts of closure, red door, entrance, monochrome, illustration, book cover
“Acts of Closure” book cover illustration

Edit: The second book in the series is available! It’s called “Acts of Confession”. You can get both books on Amazon.

acts of confession, red roses, book cover illustration
Book cover illustration close-up
“Acts of Confession” (Book 2)

hard cover book mockup lenamo marlena mozgawa

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