Two sides of Gayle – Hunters book cover design

Two sides of Gayle – Hunters book cover design

Gayle is the character featured on Hunters book cover design. The final cover design is an illustration covering front, back, and book spine as well as extra flaps on the dust jacket for the hardback.

On the front cover (right side) Gayle is pictured as delicate and serene, while on the back (left side) she is all focused, stern and powered up. Her super power is controlling fire and that was not an awesome thing to capture in a portrait!

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The book cover for “Hunters” the first book in The Ballad of the Songbird series by Jon Ford.

Jon, who is the author of the book, described the full story of this cover on his blog. He explain his initial idea and inspiration, as well as the whole commission process, including my early sketches and printed book photos!

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