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Seraphine, League of Legends wallpapers

Recently League of Legends released new champion Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress. She is so cute and fun to play with that you can’t even imagine if you haven’t picked her! So, of course, I’ve decided to paint a wallpaper for her! Plus, Seraphine has pink hair! Like me! Check out my other posts:

She-Ra fanart wallpaper and video process

Just finished watching She-Ra on Netflix. This series gave ma a real boost of positive energy. Feeling strong and brave! I decided to paint a She-Ra fanart and make a wallpaper for everyone to enjoy! For those who would like to see a little bit of my digital painting process here is a …

Warframe Khora wallpaper

A unique look of metal fused with organic matter caught my attention in the moment I saw Warframe for the first time years ago. Recently I had logged into the game after several months and discovered this new awesome-looking warframe called Khora. Love everything about her, starting from the character design, through her …

Why progress in art is sometimes so hard?

Many artists don’t know what steps should they take to progress with their art. Learning how to set goals and create a specific list of tasks is crucial.

What exactly is an art style?

Every artist wish to develop a unique art style. At the end that’s what make the art recognisable and outstanding. But what exactly is an “art style”?

How to find your own art style?

How to discover a unique art style that will always be true? How artist discover their art style? There is no simple solution, but there are guidelines.

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