Fearless Healer, World of Warcraft paladin character portrait

Fearless Healer, World of Warcraft paladin character portrait

If you ever played a pen and paper RPG or MMO game with your friends then loving your character is something that you can relate for sure! I’ve tried almost every MMO available on the market since 2005. I’m not kidding! However the one that kept me engaged for the longest time (for four expansions to be precise!) was World of Warcraft. That’s why, when I was commissioned to redesign paladin armor sets to be more sexy and then paint illustrations showing them, I almost screamed from excitement!

The first outfit redesign was meant for Holy paladin specialization.

Sexy outfit redesign for Holy specialization.
…and a few hips variations that were requested.

The portrait of the holy paladin

Once the outfit design was ready I started painting the illustration featuring Kasp, the holy paladin. Her hands glowing with magic, her red hair and cloths floating in the air from the power that surrounds her!

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Kasp, World of Warcraft character portrait

custom character portrait

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