Commissioned Works

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Custom artwork and art commissions, for both private and commercial use, are a large part of my artistic portfolio. As a freelance artist, I create portraits and full illustrations, as well as character designs, posters and sketches for books, visual novels, comics and games. Here you can find some my most favourite custom artwork.
For more info on how to commission me, please visit commissions info page and FAQ.

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Marlena is an absolute joy to work with. Her art is simply beautiful. Combine this with her professional attitude, and she’d be an asset to any project!

– Dr. Julian Darius, Sequart Organization and Martian Lit


Working with Marlena was a joy. She is very kind and willing to work within your budget to get you the best drawing for what you can afford. She updates you often and makes sure that what she has is everything you wanted. Her art is incredible! She made my first commission experience very comfortable. I will definitely be coming back for another commission.

– Rowan

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It was my absolute pleasure to work with Marlena.  First off she was extremely fast; from the time I first contacted her to completed work was just a matter of days. While that is great, more importantly, she took all my random ideas, vague descriptions, and samples and made something beautiful.  It was like she was able to see exactly what I wanted and turned it into reality.  She captured the essence of my character better than I could have described.  It was a wonderful experience to have her take something I only saw in my mind’s eye and make it into something I could others.  Would commission her again in a heartbeat.

– Timothy S. Brannan, The Other Side


I’ve commissioned Marlene (Lenamo) twice now and both experiences have been wonderful. Her skills continue to improve and her attitude is nothing less than exceptional! She’s very communicative and makes changes to pieces quickly and will give you what you asked for and more! I’ve recommend Marlena to my friends already and will continue to! Such a joy and pleasure to work with.


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Working with Marlena is, quite frankly, a JOY! She listens to all of your ideas and explains her process as well as keeping you updated regularly. The end result is always what I want and so much more, her interpretation of the character or scene is spot on and better than I could have ever hoped for.”

– Kiara Feldman, writer


Marlena is professional and easy to approach with a request. I filled out her commission form and she sprang into action. I received regular updates on how the work was progressing and I am entirely satisfied with the end result.

– DustyBadSkillz

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